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Torsdag d. 11/4

Fredag d. 12/4

Lørdag d. 13/4

Søndag d. 14/4

Opening EventOpening Event

Opening Show

It is with great pride that Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival 2019 opens April 11th with three live performances from three of the most interesting and talented new voices that the international scene of audio storytelling and sound art has to offer!

Experience Phoebe Wang (US), Hana Walker‐Brown (UK) and Mooj Zadie (US) live on stage in the historical movie theater Dagmar Biograf. Here, the artists will perform three unique audio works, two of them world premiering on this evening, that explore and challenge the scope between fiction and reality, between sound art and performance art and that examine the intimacy, sensibility and curiosity emerging when space, art, and audience meet in one shared experience.

The event will be in English.

Radio CinemasRadio Cinemas

Shortdox Award Show 2019

Listen to the best of the shortest in Danish audio stories when we introduce you to the eight nominees at this year’s Shortdox competition. You will get the chance to vote for the piece that you think should be awarded the audience prize — and to celebrate the winner, who is selected by a jury consisting of some of the best Danish audio makers!

The event will be in Danish.


Jeff Emtman Presents: The Haunting Magic of Sound

Where does a sound get its meaning? Haunted locations, malformed memories, unhearable noises, digital ghosts, missing people, physical extremes? Podcaster Jeff Emtman believes that sounds and places carry lasting charges with them. On that note, we invite you to join this spectacular final festival event: a radio cinema filled with stories from Emtman’s long running documentary show that attempts to explain the unknown: KCRW’s ‘Here Be Monsters’.

The event will be in English.

Subtitled Audio Stories, You Didn't Know You'd Love

From the farthest corners of Iceland to a very special Lithuanian cat. Join us on a sonic trip around the world when we will gather in the dark of the Gloria movie theater to listen to radio stories from all over the world.

The event will be in various languages, and there will be English subtitles!

Phoebe Wang presents: God + The Gays

Phoebe Wang presents her award winning radio documentary ‘God + The Gays’. Meet Phoebe Wang and join her on her sonic journey when she tries to reconnect with her Christian friends, whom she lost contact with when she came out. The documentary asks: Is it possible to be friends with someone who has completely different beliefs from you? After the radio cinema there will be a Q&A session with Phoebe Wang.

The event will be in English

Kærlighed i Gloria

Love is everywhere — even in the radio cinema. No matter if you’re head over heels in love or newly divorced, this radio cinema is for you. We will spoil you with the best stories about love and hug you with sound!

The event will be in Danish.

DEN NYE STIL - Ekstra episode Live

Radio host at P3, Pelle Peter Jensen, presents outtakes and bonus material from the award winning podcast Den Nye Stil, that unfolds the story about the genesis of Danish hip hop. A true world premiere of the stories that did not appear in the podcast!

The event will be in Danish.

Site-specific ListeningsSite-specific Listenings

Skipperradio til havs

Jump on board, when the charming vessel, Lotte Brinck leaves the sunny quay of Nyhavn and set sail into the open sea loaded with tales from the seven seas. For an hour and a half we will leave the big city behind and head out on the wild dunes with audio stories about sailing, superstition and adventurers in the ears. There is room for only 10 landlubbers on each trip, so you should not snooze on thi sone, if you wanna go!

The event will be in Danish and English




Lotte Brinck

En sen blomstring

For those of you who could not get enough of the festival, we offer a last site specific listening in the vivid surroundings at Café Intime: The premiere of Nanna Hauges audio piece, ‘En sen blomstring’. A story about living a double life, about denial, love and not least the emancipation. As a young man, Jørgen falls in love with a man, but the fear of exclusion causes him to marry a woman. He is 80 years old when he comes out of the closet. Now he’s 95 and tells about his life. Radio producer Nanna Hauge presents her audio piece herself and will answer questions after the listening.

The event will be in Danish

Riot på Jagtvej 69

Nørrebro, Jagtvej 69, March 1st 2007. We’re standing in front of a very special house. But in a minute, it will be gone. Experience (or re‐experience) the day, that will never be forgotten, or forgiven.

The event will be in Danish


Jagtvej 69

Hejremanden på Frederiksberg Slot

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the picturesque gardens of Frederiksberg Have, you might have seen a man feeding a pack of herons. He has spent 20 years of his life bonding with these majestic and reserved birds. But how — and why? Listen to the Radio24Syv documentary “Hejremanden” at Frederiksberg Castle with a view over the gardens.

The event will be in Danish.

Rygerbio på Cafe Intime

It’s tough to be a smoker these days. Now the persecuted people will be able to unite and find a moment of peace when the jazz bar Cafe Intime houses a site specific listening event with a variety of smoky stories from radio and podcasts.

The event will in Danish and English

SPEOS - a sci-fi documentary at Brønshøj Vandtårn

Go on an expedition to the sound cave of Brønshøj water tower! For the first time ever, author Morten Søndergaard and the electronic duo Schweppenhäuser/Thomsen will present their new sonic installation SPEOS. With the 40 second echo span of the water tower the sci‐fi‐documentary takes you on a musical and poetic journey deep into the silent and dark center of the mountain.

The event will be in Danish.

Master ClassesMaster Classes

Mooj Zadie on Interview Technique + other Radio Tips

Tape’ is a radio show about people who make radio, hosted by Mooj Zadie. With an unexpected, honest interview style, Zadie has profiled radio titans including Ira Glass, Alex Blumberg, Julie Snyder, Kaitlin Prest, Pejk Malinovski and Zoe Chace. In this Master Class, Zadie will highlight the 12 biggest lessons he learned from previous Tape guests. We’ll touch on how to interview, how to write for the ear, and how to voice your narration, among other topics. 

The event will be in English.

Jeff Emtman on Sound Design

The producer of the renowned American podcast ‘Here Be Monsters’, Jeff Emtman, has been making radio magic for years, and now he will open up his magic box, teaching us how to work with sound design: “Sound consists of six interconnected dimensions: loudness, frequency, proximity, clarity, stereo and time.”  In this Master Class, Jeff Emtman teaches techniques that manipulate these six spectrums to create richer, more compelling work.

The event will be in English

Hana Walker-Brown on Establishing Intimacy

In our visual world, the audio/radio format still remains one of the most intimate ways of expression. Intimacy is an inherent trait of documentary and storytelling. Vital to establish and to explore as we venture out into very different worlds. This Master Class will unpack the establishing of intimacy before, during and after the creative making process. Intimacy within the space between the world of the doc maker (and ultimately the listener’s world) and that of the story. Touching on playfulness and friendship, technology, trust and meaning and the challenges and insights that can be drawn from that experience.

The event will be in English.


Sandra Mia Susgaard (DK)

Sandra Mia Susgaard is a producing editor at P3 Podcast, where she among other things is editing the award winning podcast called Den Nye Stil. Previously, she has produced episodes for the radio show called Radiofortællinger, worked on the podcast, Sagnfolket, and has served as producer on the radio show, Mads & Monopolet.

Susanna Sommer (DK)

Susanna Sommer is a freelance radio and podcast producer. She won the Kryger Award in 2007 and in 2018 she won at Prix Europa for her podcast series at P2 “Sangenes Blå Bog”.

Schweppenhäuser/Thomsen & Morten Søndergaard (DK)

Schweppenhäuser/Thomsen and Morten Søndergaard is an artist group, who in 2017 released their award‐wining album “Hjertets abe sparker sig fri”. Lately they have finished their new sonic installation SPEOS. A sci‐fi‐documentary that takes you on a musical and poetic journey deep into the silent and dark center of the mountain.

Kim G Hansen (DK)

In 1998 Kim G. Hansen was hired as a technician at DR. Since then he has produced a massive amount of high quality radio documentaries as Skjoldhøjarkivet (P1) and Det Psykiatriske Hospital (Radio24syv). Since 2011 he has been the Executive Producer, editer and composer at 24syv Dokumentar at the public Radio Broadcast Radio 24Syv.

Rune Sparre Geertsen (DK)

Rune Sparre Geertsen is the Executive Producer at the production company Filt Cph, which has produced a ton of radio documentaries and podcast series for DR — among others great work they produced “Dobbeltmordet” and the Kryger Award wining radio programme “Baglandet”.

Karen Straarup Møller (DK)

Karen Straarup Møller is an Executive Producer at P3 Podcast. She has produced the podcast series “Den nye stil”, which won three awards at Prix Radio in 2018. On top of that she has been the Project Manager of DR’s Team of Talent.

Hana Walker‐Brown (UK)

Hana Walker‐Brown is an international award‐winning documentary maker, composer, radio producer and journalist based in London and currently an Executive Producer at Audible.
Hana is in the Radio Academy 30 under 30 list and a mentor for the Sound Women Network, offering support and coaching to women who are starting out in radio and music industries.

Mooj Zadie (US)

Mooj Zadie is an American radio documentarian. He helps edit the public radio program Fresh Air with Terry Gross. His work has appeared on NPR, BBC, WNYC, 99% Invisible and Love + Radio. He is the host of Tape, a podcast about people who make radio.

Nanna Hauge Kristensen (DK)

Nanna Hauge Kristensen is an anthropologist and freelance radio producer based in Copenhagen. She produces intimate and poetic audio stories, among others for the Danish Radio P1 and BBC 4. Her short documentary “Summer rain” won the Sound of the North Award, Nordic Shortdox Award and the Third Coast International Audio Prize for Best Foreign Documentary.

Pelle Peter Jensen (DK)

Radio host and DJ Pelle Peter Jensen started as an intern at DR in 2010. Since then he has been showing his talent as radio host at the radio shows Lågsus and Sovsen — and now for the award‐wining podcast, Den Nye Stil.

Phoebe Wang (US)

Phoebe Wang is a international award‐winning sound and performance artist and radio producer based in both New York and Toronto. She has been working on the podcasts The Heart and The Shadows and is a shooting star, that you should keep and eye on. In 2018 she won the Best New Artist award at Third Coast for the radio documentary God + The Gays.

Jeff Emtman (US)

Jeff Emtman is an American artist and the creator of KCRW’s Here Be Monsters Podcast – a podcast about fear curiosity and the unknown.


Ticket InfoTicket Info

You can purchase tickets for the individueal festival events here at our web site through the ticket links or through our facebook events. It is unfortunately not possible to buy a festival pass.

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Københavns Radiobiograf is a volunteer non-profit union, who has been part of kick starting the second wave of audio stories in Denmark. Since 2013 we have invited audiences to more than 100 listening events - from a solo audience experience in a Bathtub to the largest cinema in the Nordic countries - Imperial. Each month we invite our audience welcome to collective listening events in cinema darkness or on location site specific listening events. The key for us is to create a community feeling with great sound and amazing audio stories.

Since 2016 we have invited Danish and International audiences for a four day festival filled with phenomenal audio stories, experimenting formats and international and local guest performers, presenting their amazing audio stories.

Københavns Radiobiograf Festival 2019 aka. Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival is a four day experience that celebrates and curates the best of audio storytelling, site specific listening experiences  and sound art. Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival 2019 will take place April 11-14th.

We look forward to welcome you to the Københavns Radiobiograf Festival 2019!